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  • 石化
    Powerful 55W Aluminium HID Flashlight 
    ·                       Output: more than 4500 lumens of Xenon brightness. 
    ·                       Large lamp housing provide longer effective range.
    ·                       Portability: May be carried by hand or strapped to a belt.
    ·                       Convenient recharging by either 100-240VAC or 12VDC :
    ·                       The entire unit is construction of tough aluminum material
    ·                       Water-proof & Shock-proof design IPX3 and suitable for any terrain. Not allow dip into water. 

    ·                       Power and voltage Luminousness: 55W/12V
    ·                       brightness: more than 4500Lumen
    ·                       Color temperature: 6000K
    ·                       Continuable illuminate time:  120Min
    ·                       Irradiation distance: more than 1KM
    ·                       Bulb life-span:  3000 hours
    ·                       Light starting time: 2 Seconds Light starting time <1 second to start<15 seconds to full 
    ·                       Battery mode:11.1 V 6600mAh 
    ·                       Battery life-span: more than 500 times
    ·                       Charging Time: 8-10 Hours
    ·                       Flashlight's Dimension(LxDia): 42*20.5*11.5cm
    ·                       Weight: 1.5kg
    ·                       Material: Aluminium  alloy